(One example of what can be built using the Flash Floor Plan framework)

Flash Floor Plan is an easily customizable dynamic drag and drop Flash application that facilitates room layout planning. Furniture is loaded into a palette through a simple XML file, and can then be dragged and dropped onto a floor plan. The floor plan can be zoomed in and out, and furniture items can be rotated, moved, and deleted. It is the perfect solution for realtors, condos, or any property sales related marketing website.

Click here to play with what Flash Floor Plan open source looks like out of the box.

Flash Floor Plan Features

Because Flash Floor Plan is a Flash application it is compatible with almost every browser in use!

Feature Commercial Open Source
Simple configuration & customization Included Included
Place furniture on a floor plan Included Included
Load floor plan dynamically Included Included
Zoom, rotate, move and delete furniture items Included Included
Print Layout Included
Labeled furniture items and separate categories Included
Simple drop down menu for selecting floor plan Included
Free Download

Flash Floor Plan Download

Get the free open source version here.


Buy the single domain commerical version for $1,300 (US) and we'll email you a copy within 24 hours.

Your license will limit you to one live domain and one staging server, for bulk license or reseller options, contact us here.